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Options Parameter (Part Two)

The Options parameter is a 7 element, comma delimited array holding the 5 settings used in the "Forecast Text" part, plus the graybar color offset and text luma inversion settings.

Options[5] Graybar Color Offset

By using the Graybar Color Offset element you can tell the API how much to increase or decrease the color of the odd numbered rows of the Forecast to create a graybar effect. Integer values between -255 and 255 inclusive are allowed.


Options[6] Text Luma Inversion

By using the Text Luma Inversion element you can tell the API if you would like it to invert the color of the forecast text when it is determined to be too close to the color of the background. This is especially useful when using the Graybar Color Offset parameter. Either "true" or "false" is allowed. If none is provided, "false" is assumed.