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HTML Parameter

The HTML parameter is a 2 element, comma delimited array holding the settings used for determining the Type of HTML to be returned and the Title of the page, if the Type is set to "page".

HTML[0] Type

By using the Type element you can tell the API whether to send a full HTML web page, or just the HTML table. Allowed values are "page" or "table".


HTML[1] Title

By using the Title element you can tell the API what to set as the HTML Title Tag. Any allowed URL encoded string that is 31 characters or less is allowed.

Also, these codes are allowed to return specific weather observation data:

String Description Example
$updated Observation Time String Last Updated on Mar 4 2018, 8:51 pm EST
$iso8601 Observation Time in ISO 8601 format 2018-02-11T08:52:00-05:00
$rfc822 Observation Time in RFC 822 format Sun, 04 Mar 2018 20:51:00 -0500
$dtformata Observation Time in Date Format A 03/04/2018
$dtformatb Observation Time in Date Format B 2018-03-04
$dtformatc Observation Time in Date Format C February 11, 2018
$icao Location ICAO Station ID KJFK
$location Location String New York, Kennedy International Airport, NY
$lsat Location ICAO Station ID plus About Title KJFK Current Observation
$labela Label A This is my label
$labelb Label B This is my other label